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Staircases & Footbridges systems

The market: actual situation

Great part of staircases and footbridges used to interlock and maintain machines and industrial plants, have been realized in profiles and plates welded on site, and then, disassembled and painted.

This process implies:

cutting risk and welding carried out in places that are generally not adapt for this kind of process;

obstructions for who assembles equipment, for contemporary work team’s activity on the same plant.

Product description

Staircases and footbridges that we realize belong to a modular system with anodized aluminium components, that does not need to be welded during assembly phase. These are pre-assembled groups (subset) to minimize assembly times. It is a modular system (like Meccano’s) easily adaptable to every kind of plant or structure, and with reduced assembly and disassembly times. Moreover final painting is not anymore needed.

Our AEKI system of staircases, footbridges and railings, has been studied to satisfy many applications, from simplest configuration, like a parapet, crossing lines, to access a machine positioned not on a floor level and in more complicated configurations, with irregular shapes that can for example surround the machine.

In the first case, the customer can order elements and assemble the structure by itself. In the second case, the customer can provide the design, that 3D Laser develops in an adapter manner for the customer according to regulations.

AEKI system has been certified by executing structural calculation and by attesting that staircases, footbridges and railings respect all standards. Projects are realized according to European regulations in force for safety at work, by respecting UNI EN ISO 14122 – 1/2/3/4 – machinery security – permanent access means to machinery and industrial plants.


The solution offered by 3D Laser permits to guarantee:

security for the plant, by deleting cuts and welding during assembly phases. Assembly is realized by using high resistance screws and bolts;

light structures, due to particular section of components and use of aluminium even if used in hard work conditions;

flexibility, due to possibility of being disassembled and adaptability to every kind of plant;

beauty and design, to complete equipment to be set up with the destination plant.


Our technical office, designs autonomously the adjustment to every plant.

For particularly complicated events, our designer engineers will visit customer premises to execute appropriate surveys directly on the plant.

3D Laser’s designing process for realizing staircases and footbridges, is ISO 9001:2008 certified.