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From conception to realization of semi-finished or finished products and to the attention of finishing and treatment of various metal surfaces, 3D Laser provides a complete service by controlling all manufacturing process phases.


Finish treatments of metals provided by 3D Laser include:


Micro shot peening: This is a finishing treatment used during cleaning cycle of metals surfaces. It is usually an intermediate treatment, but in our case it is a real final detailed treatment: it is a mechanical procedure by which a superficial layer of metals is eroded through abrasion, operated by a blast stream of ceramic shots. This treatment results in a product that is pleasant to the touch and appears opacified. At the same time resistance properties of material have not been altered.

We use this treatment on stainless steel, brass and aluminium. This process is not used on iron, in order to avoid contaminations on the previous mentioned metals.


Scotch Brite Satin-Finished: In order to obtain a particularly refined cosmetic effect of a metal component, our customers often ask that the processed product be satin-finished.
This is a process that
gives the metal a semi-bright appearance, an appreciated variant of polishing or chroming. This final treatment is created through use of specific brushes that refine various metals, like stainless steel, aluminium and brass. On satin-finish result depends also appreciation of a finished product; therefore this is a process that has to be made by expert hands.


Metal oxidation: Oxidation is a treatment adapted to protect aluminium from stress and attack by atmospheric agents.

During this process, also named anodizing, aluminium is covered by a layer of porous, transparent, hard and compact oxide. Oxide layer can have a variable thickness depending on the final product use.

Treatments like painting and chrome plating utilize deposits of different materials on base metal, while anodization really changes the texture of the metal near the surface.

This treatment has become very important recently, and it is one of most efficient protection technique for light metals.


Zinc coatings: This is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to a metal piece in order to protect it from the corrosive action of weather and atmospheric agents. We use this treatment for iron parts by utilizing specifically cold zinc coatings.


Marking: 3D Laser offers its customers the opportunity to customize their own products by marking various components; this kind of process can be made on all materials.