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Azienda con sistema certificato N. 4410016410170
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Created as solution to meet market-demanded needs, the company’s wide experience in production of ad hoc engineering solutions and quality processing and finishing accuracy in short time, is at customer’s disposal.


Founded upon solid entrepreneurial accomplishments and marked by maximum flexibility, the company utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, specialized technical staff and experience in transforming customer need into concrete, winning solutions.


Our comprehensive processing includes:

2D Laser cutting;
Tube Laser cutting;
3D Laser cutting;
Press Brake with customized moulds;
TIG/MIG welding;
Projection welding;
Spot welding;
Finishing operations (deburring, sieving, stripping, stainless steel spheres micro shot peening and ceramic shot peening);


Specialized in light metal carpentry processes, we offer our customers a comprehensive service, by providing our technical office for every kind of project and for different kinds of products: from industrial components to home objects, as well as consumption goods, to get to finished products and final assembly phase.

We have a wide and well organized managerial and manufacturing structure is able to satisfy different needs in the creation of stainless steel- or other metal-made components and structures.


3D Laser operates also as prime contractor on request: the customer can ask for a simple cut, as well as for prime contractor services for the whole manufacturing process, that 3D Laser guarantees in all its phases (designing, processing, welding, assembly, finishing and delivery).

3D Laser’s goal is to be the premiere experts this field and to stay current on any changes in technology by providing immediate solutions to a constantly evolving market. Innovation and experience represent our strengths and enable 3D Laser to provide superior products and solutions.