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3D Group

ATEX directive 

3D Laser strives to provide ever better quality and service and is always mindful of the latest trends in the sector. It is capable of supporting its Customers from the planning stage right through to the prototyping and product engineering phase.

We consider the codesign as one of the first important steps towards a close relationship with the Customer, in compliance with the comakership principles, seen as an evolution of the relationship between Supplier and Customer. We consider these values as key factors in our strategic and industrial politics.

The point of view 3D Laser has decided to adopt is to see each business opportunity in its entirety, considering the whole chain of companies involved. For this reason, we decided to create a new network of companies, the 3D Laser Group, aimed at satisfying our Customers by creating synergies in the supply chain.

We are revolutionizing outsourcing thanks to a new organizational model able to combine the advantages created by flexibility and by specialized expertise. Innovative technologies, professionalism, and a high degree of specialization, allow our Company to set up every detail of the productive process.


3D Group offers its Customers a 360° supply service, from the Customer’s requests to the finished product, even for the realization of more complex projects requiring integrate solutions for the whole productive cycle:

  • Re-engineering an co-designing of manufacturing groups;

  • Production of single mechanicals parts, even highly complex ones, and medium/large-sized batches;

  • Designing of electrical boards and complete wiring of the equipment;

  • Assembling of subgroups or of complete machineries.

  • Installation of the equipment and/or of the plant including test and future inspection operations. 

All these elements allow 3D Group to guarantee its Clients a tailor-made service, using a comakership-type production. Furthermore, we are able to reduce costs and time-to-market.


3D Group offers technical and software design activities, as well as, carpentry and precision mechanics, assembling, automation, electronic wiring, installation and trials.


We design and realize the entire productive cycle that our Customers commission us; we are the perfect partners to support your Company in the field of automation, mechanical design, automatic equipment and prototypes.

  • Design of equipment and mechanical groups;

  • Structural analysis (FEM) on the ANSYS platform on single pieces or complete groups;

  • Software engineering for automatic machinery;

  • Prototyping;

  • 3D and 2D drawings of single pieces, schemes, layouts, assemblies, and technical documentation.

  • User’s and maintenance manuals.


Precision mechanics and carpentry

One of our main activities is the realization of the Customer’s request from the drawing to the final product. We are able to offer our Clients: laser cutting, bending, welding, milling, and finishing operations on different types of metals. We avail ourselves of technologically advances equipment.


Mechanical assembly

Thanks to our long-time experience and specialization, 3D Group is able to supply manufactured products, as well as, assembled groups and machinery, in compliance with the Customer’s specifications.

Our services are:

  • Mounting and assembling of mechanical groups or complete machinery;

  • Assembling of prototypes, inspections, and final test of automatic machinery;

  • Qualified technicians on foreign assignment.

Those elements make 3D Group the ideal partner for every kind of productive externalization request; our technicians can work on third party machinery too.


Installation and wiring

3D Group is able to develop and produce electric boards, from the project analysis to the operation of the system.

Our services are:


  • Electric installations, pneumatic system and wirings for automatic machines;

  • Production of electric boards on request;

  • PLC hardware and software engineering;

  • SPAC automation design.


Installation and test

We deal with installation and test operations on:

Machinery built for our Clients;

Machinery build by our Clients;

Tests on mechanical groups.

Our expertise makes us the best partner for any kind of productive externalization our Customer may need. Thanks to our artisanal and entrepreneurial approach, our Customers are constantly the focus of our work. Innovation and customizations are our daily goals.


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