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Azienda con sistema certificato N. 4410016410170
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3d laser carpenteria

The activity of 3D Laser isrepresented by precision metalmachining, performing lasercutting, bending, welding and finishingofvarious types ofmetals.

Our products are made with precision for different industrial sectors with the aim ofefficiently reaching the final customer satisfaction.

Thanks to its knowhow in the field of special carpentries, 3D Laser has acquired a high level of technical proficiency. This expertise, in addition to a strong market awareness, allows our Company to offer an added value to its Customers.
3d laser assemblaggioStaircases and footbridges that we realize belong to a modular system with anodized aluminium components, that does not need to be welded during assembly phase. These are pre-assembled groups (subset) to minimize assembly times.